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If you are looking for tree advice and formal tree consultancy, you are in the right place.

Uniquely, we offer an initial free consultation via the online submission form or email.

You will be amazed at how much information we can get from you remotely and how many tree advice insights that we can give you in the 5 minute free consultation. Of course, in the process we work out which projects need further and more detailed investigation, we reduce our carbon footprint by not travelling to look at every case and as a result we have made good tree advice freely available to all.

Where further investigation is needed, we will tell you exactly how we would go about it and we will give you a price projection for us to carry out that work.

All that is absolutely free and carries no obligation whatsoever.

We are based in the North West (Cheshire) but competitively cover all areas of the country.

With tree reports from we always try to give you the benefit of enough information so that you can come to an informed decision. That only comes if the Tree Advice and consultancy you get delivers all the information about the tree in a way that you can understand and practically apply.

Once you understand your tree(s) and their requirements we will explain duty of care and all of the other things that our modern world imposes which are the legal and cultural contexts in which you and your trees exist. When all that is considered, then and only then can we establish a strategy and management plan for you and your trees.

"I have no hesitation in saying how grateful and impressed I was that you would give so freely of your knowledge in discussing my problem - indeed, to identify whether or not I had a problem. Others would see it as a revenue opportunity, but you were willing to spend a fair amount of time explaining what you perceived the issues to be. As I said at the time, I need to hasten slowly with this. There are several factors involved, but when and if I get to a stage where we do decide to go ahead I will certainly come back to you for specific advice."

Many thanks again, Alan Wood

Property Planning around trees is a particular area of specialization of ours. For example, the new British Standard BS5837:2005 has changed the game and raised the stakes for developers with clearer guidance. It has also dramatically raised the stakes for non compliance as well. We understand BS5837:2005 and our Property Development Tree Advice process can help guide you through the planning and development process.

Of course as well as reports and tree advice to satisfy planners requirements and BS5837:2005 we also supply tree reports for mortgage purposes, tree valuations, insurance claim representation, tree risk assessment, tree safety assessment and simple tree condition surveys.

So, tell us about your tree problems. You never know, from our comprehensive range of tree reports and the array of tree experts that we can call in to help in almost any location, we will be able to provide the solution to your tree problem. Any tree problem!

I look forward to hearing from you.

David Lloyd-Jones

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