Cheshire Tree Surgeons

Tree Condition Surveys

We do these for various reasons and to satisfy the requirements of local authorities, highway agencies, insurance companies and many times, just for peace of mind.

It usually doesn't cost much to assess a tree but that assessment can forewarn of various risks which can then be mitigated without drama and without risk.

When assessing risk a tree owner should always bear in mind that risk is subjective and it is better to assess the target rather than risk assess a tree. For instance, a tree in a field or dense wood may almost never have a target close enough to be hit by a falling whatever and in that circumstance a tree in terrible condition might be a very small "risk" to the public. However, if that tree were next to a road, or a footpath or even a children's playground, then the risk becomes immensely greater.

The chance of a piece or the whole tree falling doesn't change, its just the consequences of that part of whole falling that has dramatically different potential consequences and likelihood of occurring.

So ascribing a target rating, and a likelihood of occurrence is as important as assessing the physiological and morphological condition of the tree. We an help to give insights into all of these things and by doing so help you to find the balance between duty of care and preserving trees that are in the process of decline.

That process can be long and gradual and coincidentally that is the time that the tree supports the greatest diversity of life. Such old trees should be preserved whenever they can safely be.

What we say to clients is, ..if you don't have deadwood, you will never have woodpeckers.